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A word from our CEO – Rowan Matthews


Barry Hugo
Wealth Manager

“I am Barry Hugo CA(SA) and CFP®

Husband, Father (to 2 humans, 2 Schnauzers and 70 bonsais), wealth manager and wannabee athlete. I have been a full-time Financial Advisor since 1998.

As a wealth manager and shareholder, I never wanted to be on my own or join corporate. On the Hampshire platform I believe you get more than an independent advisor, you get an unconstrained advisor. The most important part of being on the platform is that your clients remain yours, even if you decide to move on.”




“I’ve been working with Hampshire for many years, and regard it as home. Hampshire adds value to my practice, in terms of payments, admin, feedback and information in the industry. I have grown both professionally and personally here.

I hope if you ever join this industry that you choose to be independent and successful.”

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Certified Financial Planner – Employee Benefits Specialist

“Hi I’m Bunty. I have 33 years insurance experience. Background in insurance underwriting, administration and marketing”

Employee benefits specialist: pension & provident funds, company group risk insurance, medical aid, health insurance and gap cover.

Certified Financial Planner and Fellow of the Life and Pensions Association.

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Wealth Manager

“If you’re considering a life of independence, then the Hampshire team are for you. You have all the support you need, while remaining completely independent.”

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Compliance Officer

“We make it simple for you to be the best you can without worrying about your compliance. We are here to make sure that your practice grows.”

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“Hampshire is like family and we make sure that our team is taken care of at all times. There are no surprises and we invest in the best systems to ensure that our advisors never have to worry.”

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Scheme Administrator – Medical Aid Division

“My name is Portia Mhlongo and I am a scheme administrator within the Hampshire Medical Aid Division.

I started off assisting at reception. I was provided the opportunity of joining the medical aid division and quickly accepted the offer.

I currently provide administrative services to 40 Employer groups. I enjoy my job and the challenges that come with it.”

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